Why Are Certain Bathroom Taps More Expensive Than Others?
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Whether you are replacing your tap or needing to select a specific ware for your bathroom renovation, there are two main criteria that determine the price of your bathroom tap ware. The type of material you choose dictates the physical value of the ware, whereas the tap style focuses not only on the shape of the tap, but also the labour work needed for fittings and installations.

Type Of Material

Taps can be made of various metals, such as stainless steel, chrome, brass, nickel, and even gold. Though it may be appear luxurious to choose chrome or gold, the material itself will not have any effect on the usability of the tap. While brass and nickel may be the most affordable, the metals may not look appealing, or just not match the rest of your bathroom.

Tap Style

You may be familiar with the cross-head style (the knob being shaped like a cross) as well as the modern used lever tap. Depending on how the installation is done, there are many more tap varieties; such as pedestal, double and single lever, or wall mounted taps etc.

A tap can either be mounted separately or fitted to the base of the spout – this is all based on the application and the available positioning.

Depending on the style of your bathroom renovation, or perhaps your laundry, you may also consider the three currently used washerless taps. The three being ball taps, cartridge taps, and ceramic disc taps. They are known to cut down on plumbing maintenance and not need nearly as much repairs as other taps.


The type of metal will not have any effect on the tap’s performance or efficiency, but understandably, we all want the best for our renovation and will thereby pick according to appearance. Always remember that when it comes to the quality and beauty of your home, you get what you pay for.

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