What Bathroom Toilets Are Available

Concealed Cistern

The Concealed Cistern Toilet Suite is the latest in European design and most preferred in modern Australian bathrooms. It has an in-wall cistern fitted into structural slab wall cavity and can easily be serviced through a cover panel. You will find them available in several different materials, whether it is plastic cistern, vitreous china, or engineered stone. You can have it in single or dual flush. Perhaps the reason it is so favoured is due to its sleek appearance and spaciousness.

Close Coupled

We have all seen this model, it is the most common suite around. The close coupled toilet suite has the pan and cistern joined together with a flush pipe concealed. A very standard model, it is usually available in vitreous china or plastic cistern versions.

Wall Faced

This is perhaps one of the more self-explanatory types. It is called a Wall Faced toilet suite because the back face of the pan fits directly against the finished wall. You may often see this type of suite in a commercial environment, or maybe an up market domestic. The Wall Faced toilet suite is very easy to clean, not just because there are no gaps behind the back face, but also because of its curvy body.


The connector toilet suite has a similar appearance to the close coupled suite but is distinguishable by its plastic bridging connector. The connector plate is fitted to conceal the flush pipe, which is cut to size so that it may fit varying pan set outs in a flexible manner. Though the cistern is connected to the pan with a normal flush pipe assembly, it will always be flexible for all sorts of setouts. The connector toilet suite is usually available in vitreous china and plastic cisterns.
Rather than explaining the difference between the differing toilet pans, we thought it would be more effective to illustrate the differences and give you an idea as to why they are titled the way they are.


Connects directly into a floor mounted collar.


Connects directly into a pan collar mounted on the wall.

Skew Trap

Connects directly into a pan collar mounted on a side wall, available in left and right hand models.