Should People Stay During Home Renovations? Perth Contractors Weigh In

Prior to home renovations, Perth property owners have one more important decision that they need to make before the actual commencement of the remodelling project: whether to stay home or leave.

In order to make the right decision, it is important for property owners to consider the following factors.


If you intend to stay at home during the renovation process, you have to consider the fact that doing so can increase the overall project price. Some contractors have to work double-time to ensure that vital needs like plumbing and electricity are kept running and interruptions are minimised. Additionally, the contractor may ask for an extra fee to ensure that the home is kept clean.

Project type

In some types of projects, it is perfectly all right to stay at home while work commences. However, in some cases wherein electricity, plumbing and heating need to be cut off, you are better off staying in a hotel or leasing an apartment for a short period of time.

Work scope

If the project is confined to just one area of the home, it is possible to stay at home, granting that you are willing to make some adjustments and sacrifices. However, if the scope of the project covers a good amount of the property or if you cannot afford to not use a bathroom or a kitchen during the duration of the work, consider staying in another place.

Kids and pets

If you have kids and pets at home, you should be aware of a few things. For one, the noise and activity can be distressing for them. Second, the job site can be a noisy place and the workers will not stop their work just because it is your baby’s nap time. Third, the activities of kids and pets can disrupt the workers. Be mindful of the latter if you are planning to stay home. While kids may be well-meaning and want to chat with the workers, they can unknowingly disrupt the smooth flow of work. As for pets, many contractors, through clauses in the contract, ask that they should not be held responsible if pets escape.

Cooking your meals

If the bulk of the renovation is in the kitchen, you need to plan how to prepare and cook your family’s meals. You may not be able to use your usual tools and appliances. You can stay at home but you need to make a lot of adjustments and sacrifices.

Dirt and debris

There is no way to go around this: Your home will get dirty. In the beginning, this may seem like a small price to pay. However, if you are a neat freak, this can take a toll on you.

If you are still unsure about which decision to make, it is worthwhile to visit an actual, ongoing renovation. This will give you a clearer picture of the actual state of a home undergoing this kind of work.