Selecting A Shower Screen
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At some point, you will need to select a shower screen to best suit your bathroom. Once the measurements have been made, choosing the shower screen becomes easy.

Basic Shower Frames

Perhaps the most cost effective, this shower screen has the frame around each side of every glass panel, giving it a very traditional look.

As its title suggests, there is no frame anywhere – the glass is installed using clamps, fixings, or channels, and it allows your shower screen to have a clean minimalistic look. The great thing about having no frames is that soap scum and grime cannot accumulate anywhere, making it very easy to clean.

Semi Frameless
By semi frameless, it has no frame around the sides of the glass panel and only framed around the outside. This shower screen costs less than its frameless counterpart, and many consider this a stylish look.

Types of Shower Doors

Pivot Door
The pivoting shower door rotates on two metal fixtures on the top and bottom of the door. This way, the door is not on an actual hinge, it is on the fixture known as a pivot. Thereby, as it is on a pivot, the door may rotate inwards and outwards when opened.

Sliding Door 
Sliding doors slide to one side across the screen and roll while suspended from a track. It can have one or more fixed panels, allowing entry and exit to the shower. This shower door is ideal for small bathrooms

Corner Shower Screen 
This shower screen is designed to be installed in the corner of the bathroom as it usually has two or more narrow fixed panels. The pivot door is used, allowing easier entry and exit to the shower.

Fixed and Swing
It is called the fix and swing because it has a fixed panel and a swinging door. It only opens outwards, and as such, is best in bathrooms with enough space to accommodate doors that open outwards.

Fixed Panel
Perhaps one of the more savvy approaches to a shower screen, this shower screen doesn’t have a door at all. It is just a panel of glass fixed in place, allowing home owners to have a walk in shower.

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