Let There be Light – 5 Great Lighting Options!

Lighting can have a dramatic impact on your home. The direction in which it is cast, the hue it gives off, its brightness and how it is controlled are all considerations that affect your life, in some small way, every single day. Your mood can be changed, completing tasks can be made simpler and your home can be made more efficient with the right lighting plan. A major home renovation is, among many other things, an opportunity to add lighting to your home that goes beyond being functional. It sets the right mood, highlights your home’s features and, ultimately, becomes part of its character. Today’s homes contain lighting options that we could not have dreamed of just a short time ago.



beautiful-t5-grow-light-fixtures-1-led-light-fixtures-550-x-360Improvements in LED (light-emitting diode) technology have opened up a world of opportunities to lighting designers. The relative small size of LEDs compared to traditional light bulbs have made it so that they can be incorporated into fixtures in more and more interesting ways. In addition, LEDs give off much less heat than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs and can, therefore, be put in places you may not have thought possible. From LED strips to cleverly shaped lamps, we’ve only begun to scratch the surface of what can be done. Perhaps, most importantly, the lifespan of LEDs is extremely long and they consume much less energy than traditional bulbs, making them environmentally friendly.






OLEDs (organic light-emitting diodes) take LED technology to an even higher level. Less bright than LEDs, OLEDs are made up of a thin, flexible film of carbon-based material that emits light when electricity is applied to it. Additionally, they do not require the reflectors and diffusers that LEDs do. This, combined with their flexibility, means they can be incorporated into an incredible array of fixtures. When it comes to setting the mood, the light emitted by OLEDs is very soft and diffused compared to most other light sources and is said to be the closest thing to natural light since old-fashioned incandescents.



greenLighting does not need just be white and bright anymore. LEDs and other light sources are now available from lighting manufacturers that give homeowners the ability to cast light in a myriad of different colours. Choose colours that fit your style or match your furnishings. Fixtures are even available that let you change the colour of light based on your mood. Go with simple white while cleaning or completing household tasks, then change to a warmer hue when it’s time to relax or add splashes of colour while you’re hosting a party.







Meet the light bulb speaker, lighting that’s about more than just light. These amazing LED bulbs have Bluetooth speakers built right into them. Control volume, brightness and colour from a smart phone app or a wireless remote. Now, when you’re setting the mood, you can play music that suits the moment from the same device that casts the mood lighting.



High Tech Systems

wink-relayOnce upon a time, lights offered two options; on and off. Then, dimmers were introduced and you could control the brightness of your light. Today’s modern homes are designed with complete lighting systems that adapt to suit the lifestyle of the homeowner. Press “cook” on your programmable wall panel to illuminate the task lighting in your kitchen. Press “bedtime” to have the light in your bedrooms slowly fade to black. Enter “vacation” mode to have lights randomly turn on and off at varying times of day. Want to control it all remotely? Install a smart phone app that syncs up with the system. Then, you can set the lights the way you want while you’re out and come home to a perfectly lit environment.






You may have thought planning the lighting for your home renovation would be a simple process, but spending a little extra time choosing the right fixtures and technology will dramatically improve the final results and increase your enjoyment of your home. The home lighting industry has evolved rapidly in recent years, creating some very exiting options for homeowners. Smart home renovators will choose the options that suit their lifestyle perfectly.


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