Benefits Of A Reputable Cabinet

Yes, whether you need a new cupboard or are undergoing a kitchen renovation, a reputable cabinet makers use more expensive materials and thereby charge more.

Why should you choose a reputable cabinet maker? Read on, and you’ll be more than happy to.

Like all tradesmen, cabinet makers can only have a positive reputation as a result of their previous work. Clients are often willing to give public feedback on message boards and social media tools. Just as well, customers are willing to tell their friends about the quality of a cabinet maker’s work. Word-of-mouth has many times proven to be more powerful than advertising. Understandably, customers that have concerns due to previous experiences are reluctant to try lesser known companies.

Level of Standard
The level of standard is the lowest legal requirement needed to get the job done. Cabinet makers that have become well known for providing high quality work will normally strive to keep that reputation, above the level of standard. Tradesmen with little motive will merely try and get the job done quicker, at the level of standard, and sometimes below.

Those small extra things
A lot of cabinets look great when they have just been finished, but time and wear soon determine a cabinet’s true quality.

You look at a regular cabinet. A bit of paint is chipped off at the door corners. One door is solid and stable, while the other swings wide open if you don’t push it closed in place. The nails in the base of a drawer are weak and of dismal quality, and so the base sags and makes it difficult to open and close the drawer. What was supposed to be a pretty copper handle of a drawer is suddenly torn off when you try and open the drawer in a bit of a rush.

All of these minor (yet noticeable) flaws prove to be great nuisances when you have had this cabinet for a few years. Who would have known this would happen. The one who built it; the one that chose what materials (nails, wood, handles etc.) were going to be used.

The Circle of Quality
A reputable cabinet maker is known for producing high quality cabinets. To make them, they need the correct materials. The materials used to build a high quality cabinet will often cost more. To have those materials and be able to order more of them, they will charge more for their cabinets, and customers have paid for those cabinets because they are of high quality. In the strictest sense, if you want quality, you get what you pay for.

Cabinet Types

There are four main types of kitchen cabinets. While each one is capable of storing many of your appliances and cookware, they each serve a primary purpose for your kitchen.

Base: The Base Cabinet’s main objectives are to host the sink, hold up the kitchen counter, and act as a base for the wall oven. Being as big as it is, it’s common for storing pots and pans, and you may not have known, but it can also be used as a kitchen island. You may have noticed that this cabinet is one of the more major building blocks in the kitchen, and it is actually called a “Base” for a very good reason – it doesn’t just have several primary purposes, it also helps define your floor plan.

Wall: By definition, a wall cabinet can be any storage compartment placed above countertops, so long as it has at least one door. The idea of having a wall cabinet is to have convenient access to your plates and cups – this way you’re not bending every time you need a glass of water. It’s not uncommon for a wall cabinet to have adjustable or fixed shelves.

Tall: These cabinets rise from the floor to the ceiling, and as such, can be used to store anything from food, cookware, and cleaning products. Commonly though, they have been used as pantries and storages for brooms. The tall cabinet is most popular among traditional and contemporary styles, and seems to equally compliment large and small kitchens.

Specialty Units: A specialty unit is anything from a corner cabinet, a suspended units, and right down to a bottle rack. Think of it as the fixtures and fittings of your kitchen. It’s very common to find specialty units attached to the inner doors of fridges, a slide out cabinet next to a base cabinet, and a kidney shaped slide out unit coming out of a corner cabinet.

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Choosing The Right Kitchen Appliances

When undergoing your kitchen renovation, it’s important that you have all of the latest appliances. Having so many options nowadays, it is understandable that not everyone knows the different types of appliances.



Forced Convection Ovens: A fan provides air circulation through the heating chamber, allowing rapid heat up and recovery rate. It has adjustable vents and a semi-forced exhaust fan, making it a fair sample drying oven.

Forced-Exhaust Ovens: The air flow is forced through the chamber with a fan. The air is then and transmitted through a vent.

Side Draught Ovens: Air is circulated left to right, ensuring even air flow and heating. Great for flat trays and interestingly enough, hospitals use side draught ovens to preheat plastic sheets.


Stoves / Cooktops
Electric Coil: These affordable cooktops can be used with several types of cookware (aluminium, cast iron, copper, porcelain, stainless steel, tempered glass etc.) while providing a fixed, even cooking heat. They also come with a drip bowl underneath, so you need not worry about spills or stray food.

Electric Smoothtop: Unlike your traditional stove, this has a ceramic glass cooking surface, so spills are easy to clean and the surface heats up and cools down very quickly.

Induction: This type doesn’t use traditional radiation heat and thereby offers several advantages, such as energy efficiency, keeping a cooler temperature, and only heating the cookware and its content; you’ll also notice foods and liquids heating quicker. Finally, you can order gas conversion if you prefer gas over electricity.

Gas Cooktops: Your average gas cook top has four or more burners with a visible cooking flame and needs a 120-volt household circuit to operate. It is still used to this day for understandable reasons. It has fast, precise heating, and it will heat up and cool down very quickly. While a classic, newer modifications have allowed open burners or smooth ceramic glass tops.

Modular: The highlight of this cooktop type is how the round heating elements can be replaced by grill-style or griddle cooking assembly. This allows cooking elements to be swapped over for different tasks, such as using the griddle for pancakes, the grill for steaks, and standard elements for pots and pans.

In this day and age, every kitchen designer will include a dishwashing machine in your kitchen renovation. They are very common now and are expected to be as normal as exhaust fans in bathrooms.

Under Counter: Once it is installed, it stays there permanently and thereby allows you to do other tasks at the sink while the dishwasher is still operating. However, if you relocate homes, your dishwasher may have to stay with the house.

Drawer: Perhaps the most favoured. You get to put away your dishes dirty and they’ll be clean when you come to collect them.  You will however notice that the price is high due to it being so convenient and high in demand.

Countertop: These are the most economical of all models and require a counter or stand to locate them close to the sink. To operate, you need a connection or adapter to attach to the faucet and they generally run as long as the faucet is turned on.

Portable Free-standing: If you are regularly relocating, you’re only concern would be the space in the kitchen. Otherwise, you wheel it to the sink and connect to the hot water faucet.


Exhaust Hood
The exhaust hood is also known as a range hood, and an extractor hood. It contains a mechanical fan and is installed above the stoves. When you are cooking, you are releasing chemicals in the air such as fumes, smoke, odors, heat, and airborne grease. Not having one would leave your kitchen foggy, dirty, and quite hazardous to the lungs.

There are three different styles of exhaust hoods. They are known as slide-out, fixed, and canopy. Canopies have more functions but can be difficult to install, whereas slide-out and fixed provide the more basic functions. If you have anything above your hood like cupboards or decor, you will not be able to install a canopy hood. You will be informed whether your hood is to be vented into the roof space, ducted into the roof space, or ducted to the atmosphere when you are about to install your exhaust hood. Atmospheric ducting is most recommendable to those that regularly do hard cooking.

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