5 Popular Bathroom Design Ideas

For a lot of homeowners these days, the excellent design of their bathroom is a must in ensuring its functional value. Making cleanliness a convenient task is no longer the sole goal—it’s imperative that the bathroom also becomes a place of relaxation.

Home renovation companies have their work cut out for them; they make sure to stay updated with trends so they’ll have a better understanding of what their clients particularly want. So if you’re looking for great bathroom design ideas, you can bet that these companies have several that you can get inspiration from. Five great ideas are listed below.

The “open” design – Bathrooms that open into an outdoor space are incredibly popular nowadays. Even small bathrooms look expansive if they have a glass sliding door that allows light in and leads to a much bigger space. A lot of homeowners also like the idea of being able to see out while they’re soaking in their tubs.

The “enclosed but still open” design – The layout for this is very important because there usually are no doors in the bathing area; rather, the strategic placement of the walls provide privacy. This bathroom design doesn’t open to an outdoor space, but usually to a bedroom or walk-in closet. A lot of luxury hotels actually follow this design because it creates an easy flow of movement for users/guests.

The “old world glamour” design – A lot of folks nowadays take inspiration from the glamorous style of old bathrooms with claw-footed bath tubs, big mirrors, tuft chairs, luxurious rugs, ceiling-to-floor drapes, et cetera. This design is particularly ideal for people whose design sensibilities gravitate toward the classics. The really nice thing about this design is that it’s all about the smart layout of the room and careful integration of elements, so even if the bathroom is not that spacious, it’s still possible to implement this design.

The “vintage” design – This is particularly compatible with small bathrooms because it’s concentrated on the space-saving solutions of old such as vintage cupboards, small medicine cabinets, pedestal basins, and stout bathtubs. It generally has that ‘50s to ‘60s feel with its subway tiles, bead board walls, and small windows.

The “sophisticated modern” design – This is all about the newest bathroom elements and the creation of as much space as possible. This design tends to use a lot of glass so lighting (natural, usually) is maximised. Likewise, it often utilises green solutions such as water-saving showerheads, toilets, and sinks.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas – From Concept to Execution

Apart from browsing magazines and enlisting the aid of design experts, one can come across kitchen decorating ideas from different media platforms, including blogs and Pinterest.

The problem many homeowners face is not the dearth of ideas but rather, more importantly, bringing these often disparate ideas together into one unified look. If you are looking for decorating inspiration, here are some ideas that will help you tie different design concepts together.

Make it fun and creative

The kitchen is not just a place to prepare and cook meals. More than that, it should be a warm, personal and intimate space. In order to achieve that, it would be helpful to infuse your kitchen with something different and creative.

Consider making the cabinets go up to the ceiling

This will help you avoid two things. First, this will prevent the accumulation of dust and accessories in the space between the cabinets and the ceiling. Second, this will allow you to maximise available space and ensure that you have ample room for your kitchen essentials.

Use some restraint

One of the pitfalls of having too many design inspirations is the temptation to use all of these and overdo things. Practise some restraint and try to keep things clean, simple and functional.

Make wise use of stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances can complement a wide variety of kitchen designs. However, if you go overboard, the final look can make your kitchen look smaller than it actually is. One of the best ways to avoid this is to substitute wood cabinets whenever possible. This will allow you to create a more intimate look for your kitchen.

Bigger is not necessarily better

Many property owners feel that a bigger kitchen is the answer to their needs. However, a well-designed kitchen that utilises the best materials and maximises available space can prove to be just as stunning and practical as a big kitchen.

Leave extra space

It may be tempting to fill every space of a kitchen. However, design experts will tell you that that is often not necessary. A good kitchen design will help you achieve function and aesthetics by effectively utilising open spaces.

Always go for quality

This is particularly important for your cabinets. Sure, you would want your cabinets to look good, but this should not come at the expense of quality. After all, your cabinets will be subjected to a lot of use and the ones installed in your kitchen should be capable of withstanding these.

Top 6 Bathroom Decorating Ideas That Add Space, Light and Style

You bathroom is one of the more important spaces in the entire house. So it should receive just as much attention as your living room and bedrooms when renovating or building.

The room has to serve more than just an area for bathing, brushing your teeth, and doing everything related to your hygiene. With the right design, layout, and styling, your bathroom can be the ideal spot for relaxation and a bit of indulgence. And both qualities will certainly boost the market value of your property.

Here are six bathroom decorating ideas that will help you add space, light, and style:

  1. Add pops of colour in an all-white bathroom.

White walls, white flooring, white sink, toilet, and tub—an all-white bathroom doesn’t just look pristine and, already, relaxing. It also creates more space in a cramped room, while adding more light.

But if you like vibrant palettes, consider adding pops of colour with your shower curtain, cabinetry, or even the tub.

  1. Use glass to separate the shower area.

A glass divider lends modernity to your bathroom. It can also create an illusion of space, opening up the entire room while still separating zones. For more privacy, you can choose frosted or textured glass dividers.

  1. Consider smart storage solutions.

Open under-sink storage with: vintage buckets or wicker baskets; shelving on the mirror; recessed cabinets on both sides of the mirror; floating shelves underneath wall lighting, and recessed cabinets with mirrors. You’ll have plenty of storage options if you just put your mind to it.

  1. Bold typography and graphic art create interesting features.

If you love contemporary art, why not add it to your bathroom? You can have an eye-catching print on one wall, and bold typography over the sink. Keep it inspiring, amusing, or encouraging because those will be the first things you’ll see in the morning and the last ones you’ll look at in the evening.

  1. Save money on accessories or even fixtures from salvaged finds.

A bathroom renovation or construction doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You just have to find the best sources for materials—from your tub and sinks to your cabinetry and lighting. You can check out a flea market, junkyards, or ask your contractor about excess materials from previous construction jobs.

  1. Think into the future when renovating.

Finally, when renovating or building, it’s good to consider what the future holds for your property. Do you intend to resell or rent it out? If you plan to pass the house on to buyers or tenants, think about pulling back a bit on the styling.

A heavily customised bathroom might turn off a few buyers or tenants. When in doubt, keep the colours monochromatic or toned down and use removable accessories that reflect your preference.


Easy Kitchen Design Ideas for Creatively Making Over Your Space

The kitchen always experiences a lot of action in the home. As such, it’s a big advantage for every household to have it renovated so that there’ll be an improvement in the way most activities are carried out.

Nowadays, there are many ways to ensure this advantage, such as making the most use of space by integrating space-saving solutions that can do multiple things; with the right renovation company, all these can easily be incorporated into the new kitchen design.

If you’re looking for kitchen design ideas to beautifully and creatively make over this very important space, here are five to inspire you.

  • Direct your attention toward the ceilings of your kitchen. Improving lighting is one thing you can do to make them most useful; another is to hang storage solutions from them. Most of the time, the ceilings are totally forgotten, but if you have a small kitchen, be sure to explore its potential for improved illumination and organisation. You can have pot racks attached to the ceiling; it’ll be so much easier to get the cooking pans and pots you need especially, if you have the racks installed near the stove.
  • Create an island if you don’t have much counter space. It can be a sturdy table with built-in storage (that can still be moved around or taken out of the kitchen if you need more space); it will function as an extra food preparation area (some thick hardwood-topped tables can serve as a chopping block, actually) and an informal dining area.
  • If you’re tired of the old look of hardwood floors, consider having them painted with patterns. This strategy will not only enhance the look of your floors but it can likewise conceal imperfections. You’ll be amazed at how newly painted floors can change the overall appeal of your kitchen. It’s important to mention as well that painting floors may make them easier to clean.
  • Open door upper storage units can be used to replace wall-to-wall cabinetry. These storage units can hold everything from kitchen ingredients to plates for dining. The advantage with these integrations is that they are much more accessible and they do have a really unique appearance.
  • Change the seating. Stools are perfect for the kitchen because they provide a lot of movement. There are bar height models that are compact, study, and light to move around. Also, some come really cheaply even if they have a fancy design to complement the design of the space, so they’re easy to accommodate into the budget.

Types Of Shower Trays

Available Materials

Each of the materials are durable, corrosion resistant, and easy to clean. Below are their few distinguishable characteristic of each material.
• Aluminium: Environmentally friendly
• Stainless Steel: Scratch resistant, most preferred in commercial settings.
• Porcelain: Less expensive and visually preferred.
• Plastic: Light in weight and cheapest.
• Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride (UPVC): Light in weight and very strong.
• Ceramic: Less expensive and visually preferred. If glazed, it is also stain resistant.
You can have your shower trays set down in screed, or traditionally, you can have them bricked in.

Available Shapes And Sizes


This Pentagonal shower tray takes up minimum floor space and can be neatly installed in the corner of your bathroom. Due to its petite size, it allows separate bath and enclosure.You can find Pentagonal shower trays to be mostly available in [900mm x 900mm] or [1200mm x 900mm].


For those not completely in tune with shapes, you can remember the quadrant shower tray as having two straight edges and a curved front. Homeowners will find it ideal for smaller bathrooms, and apart from finding the quadrant edges less noticeable than that of the square and the rectangle, the quadrant offers slightly more showering space than the pentagonal tray.One may also notice that the tray will not appear as small as it really is once the shower enclosure is installed. Quadrant Shower Trays are mostly available in [900mm x 760mm] or [1000mm x 800mm], whereas offset quadrants are mostly available in [800mm x 800mm] or [900mm x 900mm].


Rectangular shower trays are best suited for large and (usually) modern bathrooms because they offer the largest showering space. Homeowners and renovators that install the tray will often find them best located in the center of the room.The tray is available in many rectangular sizes from [900mm x 700mm] all the way to [1200mm x 900mm].


The square shower tray compliments bathrooms of all shapes and sizes and can be installed in several bathroom locations such as recesses, alcoves, corners, or the middle of the bathroom. As a matter of fact, the main reason they are popular is because they are so versatile.You can find them available in many square sizes from [700mm x 700mm] right up to [1000mm x 1000mm].

What Bathroom Vanities Are Available.

Types of Vanities
The bathroom vanity is the centre point of a bathroom and available in various shapes, sizes, and designs. As far as bathroom furniture goes, the vanity is very essential, but there is no right or wrong choice, just a matter of preference. Below are some guidelines to help you choose the best option suited to your preference.
Shelf Vanities: Consisting of one or several shelves, they are known to make small bathrooms look bigger. They are available in a range of materials such as glass, chrome, stainless steel, or solid brass. If you don’t want your towels and products to be seen by guests, the shelf vanity option might not be for you, but if you’re the type that knows their feng shui or has meaningful items for display, shelves are a great idea for bringing your bathroom to life.
Wall Mounted: vanities are basically fixed to the wall, and not touching the floor. Getting them reinforced to the wall will cost depending on how much work they need to stay on the wall, but once they have been installed, they look amazing and give your bathroom a spacious look and feel.
Cabinet style: now known as the traditional style. It is mounted along the floor along a wall and would generally have a mirror installed above the cabinet. It remains popular due to its elegant look and design. A cabinet style vanity is ideal for home owners that do not wish for items such as towels, toothbrushes, or medicine to be seen. So if you want products and accessories hidden away


Style Options
French provincial: A vanity design stretching back to France in the 1700s. These are beautiful and expensive antiques to have in your home and bring in a wave of compliments from any guests. Unfortunately one must take great care of them as they are not durable. A drawer handle may pull off the drawer if pulled too hard, and scratches will certainly stay visible. This is most ideal for elderly home owners, or homes without pets or children.
Rustic: Also known as country-style, the wood to make these vanities are generally pine, spruce, and oak. The wood itself may be acquired by taking wood from old existing structures such as stables, cottages, or pre-existing flooring – some as old as 30 or 50 years. The more expensive wood can be as old as 100 to 150 years.
Minimalist: In the strictest sense, the minimalist design serves one purpose – to take up as less space as possible. Otherwise, they can come in the form of a shelf, wall, or cabinet vanity available in various materials, colours, and pseudo styles.
Modern: As new types of materials are produced, and more unique requirements arise, the designers of this day and age come up with new designs to suit all kinds of requirements. To give an example, a contemporary wall hung vanity could contain fresh new features such as a solid stain resistant diamond stone top. The cabinet can be available in durable, non-fading high-gloss titanium paint, while featuring three soft closing drawers with a finger-pull grip and an under mount ceramic basin with overflow protection.

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What Can I Do To Make My Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Sometimes if you have a small house or live in an apartment it’s more convenient to have a smaller bathroom renovation. However, just because it is small, it does not mean that it has to look small. There are a variety of options to make it look bigger, and we can guarantee you won’t need to take a sledge hammer to the wall to make it happen.

The options you should consider are your
– tiles
– splashbacks
– vanities

Tiles: the lighter the better

For the spacious look, we advise that you go with light coloured ceramic tiles. Once you have them glazed, you can expect the light to reflect better across your bathroom walls. Some of the advantages of having a tiled bathroom is them being

– hard wearing
– practical against humidity
– can be tiled over existing floor tiles
Beware that tilers will charge for the removal of any existing tiles.


The two types of splashbacks most efficient for a spacious look and feel are the glass splashback, and the acrylic splashback. While both of them can be used as an alternative to tiles, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

the most favored splashback and a great alternative to tiles. While more expensive than tiles or most other splashbacks, it is absolutely worth the installation, it will

– Add light to the atmosphere
– Be easy to clean and maintain
– Not require grouting
– Have few to no joins
On the other hand, they require a lot of care. Once the splashback is fabricated, it can no longer be altered.

One thing we truly love about acrylic is that they come in sheets, this way we can cut and colour depending on the bathrooms requirements. It’s other well-known advantage is just how good an alternative it is to glass, as it is:

– stronger than glass
– lighter than glass (weighing half as much)
– cheaper than glass
– impact resistant
– can be painted before and after installation
This however, is not an invitation to buy cheap acrylics as they will crack over time.

Vanities: go modern, be minimalistic:

Nowadays, people have more of an idea of what their needs and options are, and so it is not at all uncommon to have designers creating new types of vanities to suit all kinds of requirements. So in this case, if it is a spacious looking bathroom, your specifications may involve
– vanity mounted to the wall or;
– choosing glass shelf if deciding to use shelf vanities
– cabinet not touching the floor
– medicine and any other additional cabinets mounted next to the top of the mirror
– sink in-built to the vanity
– minimum sized drawers; roughly >35cm width, >15cm height, length not so much an issue
The great thing about vanities is that when they are so small, the colour will not affect the spacious look you are after.

All the small things:

It’s amazing how these small things in your bathroom take up so little space, but can get in your way and somehow shrink your bathroom. Here is a list of things you may not even have thought of because you never previously noticed.
– Move the laundry basket out, maybe move it in the laundry
– Keep toothbrushes in a plastic capsule and in your drawer, along with the hairbrush and makeup
– Are the perfumes and figurines necessary for display? Put them away
– If the towel is dry, hook it behind the door – it doesn’t need to be seen
– Hand towels next to the sink are neat and convenient, but they take up space.
Visually, our perception of space is dependent on how clearly we can see the ends of the room. Typically, if there are obstacles or interruptions within our line of vision, we tend to subconsciously mark our own perimeters of the room and thereby shape our own perception. If you ever go to a bathroom show room, you will notice that the displayed bathrooms are always empty and thereby spacious looking even though they are almost always small. Something to think about.

What Should I Consider When Choosing A Shower Head

What should I consider when choosing a shower head?

Some of the basic things to consider when choosing a shower head are the preferences of the ones using it, such as the wideness of the stream, the pressure of the shower, and the height. Down the track, you may even decide you want special modifications such as effects that make the water feel like rain or a waterfall, or perhaps have lighting to set a mood. Whatever the case, there are plenty of options for you to match with your preferences.

When looking at the type of shower heads, the most basic categories can be fixed (connected to the wall) and hand-held shower heads (connected to a hose). Hand-held shower heads are useful for washing children or to be used by people with disabilities. Alternatively, people have used them to clean corners of baths, shower cubicles, and nearby tiles.

Ideally, you could have a fixed shower head installed above head height, and the hand-held shower head installed at waist-height. Together, they would both be available for use while operating separately, meaning you could use one at a time, or both.

The performance of a shower head is based on a few small aspects. The pressure of the water varies in the suitability of those using it. High pressure water is certainly affective for removing dirt such as sand from the beach or mud, but it is very uncomfortable on the skin of children and the elderly.

It would be advantageous to choose a shower head with in-built pressure channels. This way anyone using the shower will be able to adjust it to their liking. For instance, a shower head with in-built pressure channels might have rubber switches on the sides that merely require a squeeze to change pressures.

Ultimately, there is no right or wrong type of shower head as the selection is based entirely on preferences, but the goal is to match the type with everyone’s preferences in the household.

What Bathroom Toilets Are Available

Concealed Cistern

The Concealed Cistern Toilet Suite is the latest in European design and most preferred in modern Australian bathrooms. It has an in-wall cistern fitted into structural slab wall cavity and can easily be serviced through a cover panel. You will find them available in several different materials, whether it is plastic cistern, vitreous china, or engineered stone. You can have it in single or dual flush. Perhaps the reason it is so favoured is due to its sleek appearance and spaciousness.

Close Coupled

We have all seen this model, it is the most common suite around. The close coupled toilet suite has the pan and cistern joined together with a flush pipe concealed. A very standard model, it is usually available in vitreous china or plastic cistern versions.

Wall Faced

This is perhaps one of the more self-explanatory types. It is called a Wall Faced toilet suite because the back face of the pan fits directly against the finished wall. You may often see this type of suite in a commercial environment, or maybe an up market domestic. The Wall Faced toilet suite is very easy to clean, not just because there are no gaps behind the back face, but also because of its curvy body.


The connector toilet suite has a similar appearance to the close coupled suite but is distinguishable by its plastic bridging connector. The connector plate is fitted to conceal the flush pipe, which is cut to size so that it may fit varying pan set outs in a flexible manner. Though the cistern is connected to the pan with a normal flush pipe assembly, it will always be flexible for all sorts of setouts. The connector toilet suite is usually available in vitreous china and plastic cisterns.
Rather than explaining the difference between the differing toilet pans, we thought it would be more effective to illustrate the differences and give you an idea as to why they are titled the way they are.


Connects directly into a floor mounted collar.


Connects directly into a pan collar mounted on the wall.

Skew Trap

Connects directly into a pan collar mounted on a side wall, available in left and right hand models.

The Basics On Basins

One of the most popular aspect of every bathroom renovation, it is common for most bathroom vanities to have a built-in basin, but in the event that you wish to install one in a regular countertop, or replace one, we provide a brief overview of the different basins.

Also known as a rimmed sink, it is the most common basin as it has been known to match almost any countertop. In a simple sense, it is placed into a hole located on the top of the vanity – this way, it is the easiest type of sink to install, easiest to replace, and least likely to leak. The reason it is also called a rimmed sink is because of the oversized lip of the sink forming around the top of the whole. The basin is clamped underneath, and the plumbing is hidden within the vanity unit. As it is resting directly on the counter, it can handle heavy water weights and garbage disposal.

Being one of the least expensive, drop-in sinks are usually made of china or porcelain-coated cast iron. Do note however, when you are wiping water from the counter and directly into the sink, the rim will most certainly be in the way, and any moisture and soil will accumulate under the rim. You will also notice that the sink’s performance is very dependent on the quality of the material, the efficiency of the installation, and also how well you have cleaned and maintained it.

Under Mount
You may have seen some vanity units include this sink as part of the countertop as these are not only visually pleasing, but (arguably) the most convenient, as you can wipe debris straight into the sink without a rim/lip to stand in the way. The under mount sink is made from the same materials as the drop-in sink when it is bought separately and it sits below the counter top and is larger than the hole cut into the counter, creating an overhang into the sink bowl while clamped to the benchtop from underneath. The supply and plumbing waste lines are hidden inside the vanity.

In terms of installments, you must beware that this is not a cheaper option and it is more difficult to install – meaning, you should not be attempting to install it yourself unless, hire a professional. Also note that it is best suited to more of the solid surface material such as engineered stone or granite. Furthermore, to withstand the heavy weight of water and garbage disposal, the installation must be solid.

Fashionable and quite striking to look at, the sink is mounted directly on the bench, thus appearing like a bowl on bench top. Depending on the setup, the fittings will either be mounted to the wall, or the bench, and the plumbing. There is a lot of availability in terms of colour, shape, and material; commonly, people often have stone or porcelain as their material of choice, but interestingly enough, you can actually have these bowls made out of glass, giving them the transparent look. Whichever way you do it, the bowl will be the highlight of your vanity.

As it is shaped like a bowl, the structure is very much breakable, and as such, the edges can be broken or chipped easily. Watermarks and fingerprints will easily be left on the surface. While the bowel itself is easy to clean, cleaning around the bowl can prove difficult.

Wall Mounted
For the absolute minimalistic option, a wall mounted sink is a great way to save space as this sink takes up nearly no floor space and doesn’t even cost a lot to install. The plumbing is literally a small pipe under the sink that goes into the wall [known as a P-Trap, see illustration under toilets]. As a functional alternative to a vanity, the sink can be combined with mirrors, shelves, and other functioning accessories (such as a mug holder). Apart from requiring more attention when cleaning, there are no real setbacks.