Costs To Consider When Replacing A Bathtub
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When undergoing your bathroom renovation, you may have given some thought about removing the old bath tub and installing a new one. To better prepare you for the process, we’ve included some cost considerations.
To begin, if you haven’t yet decided which bathtub you want, there are a number of bath tubs to choose from as they can be made from various materials. To view the list, click here. Once you are satisfied with the bathtub you want, you may begin your search for a plumber.
As a general rule, be sure to get at least three quotes when dealing with contractors.
The plumber can remove your bathtub and also install it. While your plumber is at work, he can alter as well as modify any necessary fixtures or drainage. Here in Perth, we have known plumbers to charge at least $90 an hour. This is a common rate in Western Australia – other plumbers can go as high as $105.
Please note, if they need to buy any replacement materials (such as pipes, taps, knobs etc.), they will include it in their fee – this is why you have quotes, so they can give you an approximation of how much they will charge.
Water Proofer
Once the bathtub has been removed or replaced, and fixtures have been altered, you will need a water proofer to ensure the walls and the floor can prevent water from sinking through. Water proofing can cost anywhere between $35 and $70 per square meter.
You must also be aware that bathrooms on the 1st floor of a second storey house are required to have the whole floor water-sealed.
The tiler can be thought of as the one that provides the finishing touch. Once you have had your old bathtub removed, a new one installed, and your bathroom water sealed, it will be very unlikely that you will not need your tiles replaced. Based on the tiles you have chosen, the tiler can charge anywhere between $35 and $100 per square meter.
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