How Do I Choose The Best Kitchen Layout
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Today we will talk about incorporating a good kitchen payout into your renovation project. Unfortunately when it comes to giving your kitchen a makeover, you might find that your opportunity to change the layout is not always possible.

The layout is usually governed by the design of the room, location of the walls and the position of the services (water, waste gas, etc).  Regardless of whether you can change the layout, try to keep the following in mind.

Changing your layout can mean that you might have to move a wall, construct a wall, relocate plumbing and electrical services, and in some cases create or close up windows. These items all come at a cost, so keep make sure to match your design with your budget.

Your kitchen layout needs to be practical. The golden rule here is creating what is called a “kitchen triangle”. In short, it is a triangle of movement between the cooker/oven, sink and fridge. Regardless of the layout of your kitchen, if those 3 kitchen elements are positioned in a triangle, it should be easy to move between each station.

Kitchens come in different layouts. You get the single galley kitchen, which means that all cabinets butt up against a single straight wall. Next is the double galley kitchen, meaning that all cabinets butt up against two parallel walls, thus creating a galley down the middle. Then there is the classic u- shaped and l-shaped kitchen design with or without central islands.

You need to ensure that when choosing your kitchen cabinets, that you make provision for your storage needs. It is easy to outgrow your kitchen in terms of space. Make provision for a pantry if possible and ask your cabinet maker about building intelligent storage solutions into the cabinets. Check out the HettichHefele or Blum websites for ideas.

Whether you have a small or large kitchen, a clever layout coupled with a good design can really make using your new kitchen an absolute joy. Be smart about choosing a good design and stick to your budget!

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