How Do I Choose The Best Colours For My Kitchen
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Colour selection is very important. We often find that the true success of a good kitchen design lie equally in the way that the colours, textures and materials blend together as in delivering a good finish.

Whenever you are choosing colours for your new kitchen or living space, considering the following rules:

1. Identify a mood or theme that you want to incorporate. Paint companies like Dulux actually group their colours according to these schemes. Check out their latest trends, hues and spaces on their website. Their online colour visualisers are also very helpful.

2. Think about the colours of your furniture and cabinets. These items will dress your room. If they make big vibrant statements, it might be best to tone down the colours a bit for the walls and ceiling. That way you accentuate the dressing furniture, cabinets & benchtops.

3. Ceilings are always best to keep light and neutral.  The reason is simple. Most modern homes, units and apartment have standard 2.4m high ceilings. The only time that we would recommend a bold dark ceiling is when there is enough wall surface and natural light to balance out this feature.

4. Think about creating a feature wall. These walls can make a subtle or bold statement. If it is a subtle statement that you want, use lighter analogue colours. Bolder statements can be made by using richer and darker tones. Don’t forget to experiment with paint finishes and textures.

5. Make sure that you marry your colour selection with your lighting selection. Think about how the light will reflect off different surfaces at various times of the day. Buy sample pots and have fun experimenting with colours. It’s always best to see it on the wall first before committing!

A good colour selection can really boost the expectations and value of your kitchen renovation.  If you are still a bit hesitant, get in touch with a colour consultant.  It is money well spent!