Before the Start of Bathroom Renovations – Perth Property Owners’ Checklist of Tasks
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Before the start of bathroom renovations, Perth homeowners are often caught up in the excitement of finally achieving their dream kitchen.

Often, property owners overlook the fact that renovations in practically any part of the house can be quite messy and you may not be able to do all the activities that you usually do. During the period wherein workers and their equipment come and go inside your home, it will look nothing short of a war zone.

In order to better adapt to this chaos, here are a few things that you can do before the bathroom renovation starts.

A word on security

During renovations, a home can be vulnerable to unscrupulous individuals who may want to take advantage of the chaos inside your home. While you are away and while the workers are busy with their tasks, it is possible for thieves to make their move.

Do not rely on the workers to take a look at your home all the time. It is your responsibility to beef up security at your home. Consider adding a few extra locks and storing some of your valuables elsewhere.

…and on privacy

If you are going to stay home, you may still want to have some measure of privacy while the workers are away. Make the necessary adjustments. For example, do all your private business earlier before the workers arrive or after they have left. It also wouldn’t hurt to put up some dividers or folding screens to demarcate the work and private areas.

Move your stuff

If you are staying home, instead of moving to another apartment during the duration of the renovation, it is a good idea to move your personal effects and belongings to the bathroom that you will be using.

Before work starts, be sure to pack all the bathroom essentials you need and store these in one convenient location. This will help you avoid disturbing the workers. Or you can move all your stuff to the bathroom you will be using during the renovation process.

Make the work area a no-kid zone

The job site can be a dangerous environment, with heavy equipment and hazardous materials found in it. Kids are naturally curious and may be drawn to the hubbub in the kitchen. Take the necessary precautions and keep your children away from the work zone. This will help prevent unnecessary accidents and keep kids from distracting the workers