7 Creative and Frugal Bathroom Decorating Ideas

The bathroom is a relaxing retreat for men and women, and so many are inclined to beautify it and make it that “place for everything, and everything in its place.” If you’re thinking of upping the overall look of your bathroom without busting a lot of money, here are seven creative and frugal bathroom decorating ideas surely worth trying.

  • Organise your cotton, flosses, make-up brushes, etc. — but not on the bathroom counter. Use the wall and free up some space near your sink by getting a plank of wood, several Mason jars (or any old jars that are the same size), hose clamps, a picture hanging kit, a drill and screws. Attach the jars to the plank of wood using the screwed-in hose clamps, mount on the wall using a picture hanging kit, and there you go — a wall organiser that will hold a bunch of bathroom essentials. It’s not only useful, but it has a country charm as well.
  • For damaged tiles in the bathroom, purchase a mosaic kit (which is very affordable) and go wild with the design you can create. You may even want to take out other tiles to further enhance the new colourful tiling in your bathroom.
  • If you’d like a spa feel for your bathroom, try creating a pebble mat. Pebbles can be purchased from crafts stores and you can use an old rubber mat you have. With a strong contact adhesive, glue all the pebbles to the mat.
  • No shelves in the bathroom to hold towels? Hang a wine rack on the wall instead – it will not take up too much space, but it can hold several towel rolls which you can arrange strategically for a more aesthetically pleasing effect.
  • Use multi-tiered trays typically used for food, not only to organise bath essentials but also to beautifully display them. If you don’t have any, you can stack plates and candle holders for the multi-levelled display.
  • Store some candles in the bathroom as well and display them nicely. They’re great for mood lighting just like in spas, and if you purchase the scented kinds, you automatically get an instant deodoriser. This is perfect especially if you have guests coming over and visiting the bathroom frequently.
  • Consider a skylight for the bathroom. The initial investment may be pricey because you will need the services of expert bathroom renovators, but you can be sure the effort will be cost-effective. You can save a lot of money eventually by being able to take advantage of natural illumination during the day and doing without electricity for those moments when you just want to chill in the bathroom. Likewise, skylights can improve ventilation and may help inhibit the growth of moulds caused by excessive moisture in the bathroom.